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Using Content Aware Tool In Photoshop

Using Content Aware Tool In Photoshop

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A great tool was introduced from the CS5 version. Some called it the “magical tool” but the engineers of Photoshop called it “Content Aware Fill”. What does this tool? Well yes,you guessed right,this tool fills something.  It uses synthesised details from the area surrounding the selection to create a „fill” that replaces or remove unwanted objects from the selected part of the image.

An  even  greater tool was introduced in the new CS6 version called ” Content-Aware Move Tool“. The Content-Aware Move Tool has two options: Move and Extend. The „Move”option allows you to move an object from A to B. The first step is to make a selection around the object that you want to move, making sure to leave a little bit of room around the edges.The „Extend”option  allow you to extend the length of objects, such as buildings,objects or animals. All these features can be made in just a few easy steps and can spare you from hours of editing.

So first let’s see how the „Content Aware Fill”works.

I choosed one of the images that my girlfriend took few weeks ago.


Looks like a great landscape photo but some things should not be there. Those are the road sign and the panel near it. So let’s get rid of it.

Step 1

First select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M). Draw a rectangle around the roadsign.

Step 2

Now go to Edit>Fill and choose the Content-Aware from  the pop-up window and hit ok.And voila,there goes away our roadsign.

Did the same with the panel from the left and our picture looks better.

Now we’ll take a look at the new Content-Aware Move tool. As i said above this tool has two options Move and Extend. First let’s take a look at the first one, the Move option.

Those guys looks quite separated so let’s close them together.

Step 1

First we draw a selection around the horse using the new tool in CS6, the Content-Aware Move Tool (J).

Step 2

After,we just drag the selection in the desired position.Photoshop will analyze and will move the horse in the position we desire and erase it from the old position.Easy right?

Then we do the same with the white horse from the right. Now the guys are back together.

It’s time for the Extend option.This is a great tool when you want to extend something,and it spares you from cutting and croping.

For example let’s say we want to extend a building.

Step 1

Create a selection around a portion of the object you want to extend.

Step 2

Dragging it slightly in the direction you want to extend will initiate the extension.

So these are the easy steps to some nice editing without too much effort.

Have fun!

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