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The Possession – Photoshop demon effect

Learn how to create a realistic Photoshop demonic effect with this advanced video tutorial. Add scars, create demon eyes, and create a spooky manipulation. In this advanced tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic Photoshop demonic effect using stock images and retouching techniques.

In this tutorial you will see a lot of layers, layer masks, smart objects and adjustment layers, so layer management is what makes this tutorial a little more difficult than the previous ones.

Final result

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Some of the things I will teach you in this tutorial

  • Using camera raw to prepare the backgrounds for your manipulations Hair masking with fusion modes
  • How to create demon eyes in Photoshop
  • How to create zombie/demon skins using textures and merge modes
  • Apply scars and wounds using stock images
  • Create monster teeth and adjust them to fit the scene

Create a demon effect in Photoshop – Brief summary Create background image As usual, I started by editing the background photo. First, I changed the sky to something darker. Use the Quick Selection Tool to select the sky and create a layer mask.

I used Camera RAW to darken the whole image using the sliders and some filters. I blurred the top of the image using the Tilt Shift Blur in the Blur Gallery (Filter>Blur Gallery>Tilt Shift). That way I create more depth of field.

Details – Add pentagram I added the staff using the vanishing point. I created a virtual grid of the ground plane and pasted the staff there and placed it on the ground. Then I used the Blend If options in the Layer Styles panel to hide the staff over places where the pavement of the ground is broken.

How to create a realistic Photoshop demonic effect

The quick selection tool is perfect to select the main body and the Pencil tool to select the claws or other details. To mask the hair I used the technique of fusion modes and soft brushes (for more details see the 36:40 video). I darkened and desaturated the girl a bit to match the background lighting and contrast. I used Curves and Tone/Saturation to do this.

Create demon skin in Photoshop

Create dirt on the skin using wall or concrete textures. The textures must have a clear background for this technique to work. I used the Multiply blend mode and adjusted the amount of visible dirt using Levels.

Create monster teeth in Photoshop

I created the teeth using a stock photo. You can use fake Halloween teeth or Google them. Adjust them using the Puppet Warp Tool to fit the mouth. Use adjustments and layer styles to adapt contrast and saturation to fit the artwork.

Create demon eyes in Photoshop

To create a good demon effect in photoshop you need a good pair of eyes to create something really scary. I have used cat eyes for this manipulation, but you can use: goat eyes, lizard eyes, toad eyes or other animals. A layer mask and simple shading will help you “fit” your eyes better and with a layer style of Color Overlay you can create any color you want using blend modes like: Color DodgeHard Light or Vivid Light.

Add details to your demon You can improve your demon effect by adding wounds, blood and other details. I put wounds on it using stock images and blend modes and painted saliva in the mouth. Painting the saliva is not very difficult. Use a 1 to 2 pixel hard brush with an Opacity of 50-70% and use Internet reference images for a more realistic effect.

Video Tutorial – Realistic Demon Effect in Photoshop

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