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Giant coke Photoshop tutorial 2018

The Giant Coke – Surreal Photoshop Manipulation

This is an intermediate difficulty tutorial in which we will see how to create a surreal photomontage using stock photos and a 3D render. I will show you how to create effects and realistic integration of a 3D render into a scene.

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Giant coke Photoshop tutorial 2018

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Create a surreal photo manipulation with a giant can

As always the first thing we will create is the background. Creating a background in Photoshop using stock photos is easy. We will use the Gradient Tool (G) to blend the photos.

I created the background with 4 photos downloaded from Unsplash but you can use as many photos as you want. Use linear gradients and other tools such as the Brush Tool (B) to improve the blend of the photos.

The giant can of Coca Cola

I like contrasts of extreme dimensions so I used a can of coca cola but it could be any everyday object. To make it a little more realistic I have erased the bottom with a brush quite hard (80-90%) and irregular shape, ie not in a straight line. This gives the sensation that the object is half buried.

Now, to integrate the can into our background in a realistic way we have to create some light effects and shading. You can use any technique or paint them by hand. I have used layer styles and have painted some shadows by hand with a soft brush.

Giant Triceratops – Manipulation Tutorial

For the layer styles I used a Gradient Overlay to get the light effect from the top of the can and a Color Overlay to get the color change. I painted the shadows on the floor with a soft brush and low Opacity.

I have put a very small sized person on top of the can to create the contrast. You could also leave it without putting anything if that’s what you’re looking for. My initial idea was to create a can turned into a house but I abandoned the project. I’ll let you do it if you want 🙂 For more details watch the video version and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to receive my tutorials. Here you can see the final result of the photomontage after some adjustments that I show in the video version.

Giant coke Photoshop tutorial 2018

Surreal Photoshop manipulation with a can of Coca Cola



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