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  • In this short tutorial episode I’ll show you some of the shortcuts and photoshop tricks I use everyday. I’ll how you multiple zooming options without using the zooming tool, how to select layers without using the layers palette and a keyboard shortcut to create a layer mask in Photoshop.

    Making use of Photoshop shortcuts will not only save you time and make you more efficient, but it will also make you look more professional. Working more efficiently in Photoshop it’s important because you can work faster and you can put your ideas on the canvas a lot quicker.

    Adobe Shortcut Mapper Interactive keyboard Tool

    Some of the most commonly used Photoshop shortcuts which every user should know are the following:

    • Zooming:
      • Zoom in and out – Alt+Ctrl+Mouse Wheel
      • Zoom Out – Alt+Spacebar+Click
      • Zoom in – Ctrl+Spacebar+Click
      • Zoom at 100% – Ctrl+1
    • Select a layer without using the layers palette: Hold Ctrl and Click on the image/element you want to select on the canvas
    • Deselect: Ctrl+D
    • Deactivate layer mask: Shift+Click on the layer mask
    • Create new layer
      • New layer: Shift+Alt+Ctrl+N
      • New layer with dialog box: Shift+Ctrl+N
    • Create clipping mask
      • Alt+Ctrl+G
      • Put cursor between 2 layers, hold Alt and Click
    • Group layers: Ctrl+G
    • Deactivate visibility of all layers except selected: Alt+Click the eye icon (left side of the layer on the layers palette)
    • Reset colors to black and white: Press the D key

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