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Simple Photoshop Manipulation Under The Moon

In this manipulation tutorial we will create a nice silhouette  scene with a huge moon. You can use any Photoshop version to create this manipulation. It’s very easy to create because there are no advanced photoshop techniques used on this tutorial.

Resources needed

Tree brushes

Manipulation tutorial final result

Easy photoshop tutorials

Step 1 – Create background and moon

Create a new canvas 2000x2000px and fill it with black and put the moon in the middle of it. I used this canvas size for this manipulation tutorial but you can use whatever size you want

Manipulation tutorial. New photoshop tutorials

Step 2 – Create the ground

Use the grass brush to create a simple horizon line. I used 85px for the brush diameter and I deactivated the Color Dynamics. This brush preset is available on all photoshop versions but you can create any background type you like.

Photoshop manipulation tutorials. Simple photoshop tutorials

Step 3 – Create the tree

In order to create the tree you can use a real photo and reduce the Lightness to -100 using the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer or use a brush. If you have Photoshop CC you can use the new Tree Generator plugin.

Photoshop manipulation tutorials PSD Box

Step 4 – Add the couple and more details

Use the same technique to add the couple. In this case I used a real photograph but again you can use a brush pack. The car was added using the PixelSquid Plugin but you can also download it in png format from their website using the link provided at the beginning of this tutorial.

Photoshop manipulation tutorial

Easy silhouette manipulation tutorial in Photoshop CC

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