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correct color cast in Photoshop cc

Remove Color Cast Automatically in Photoshop

In this video tutorial I will show you how to remove color cast in Photoshop effectively in just a few seconds using Auto Correction.

To remove color cast automatically in Photoshop CC or any CS version actually, there is a wide array of tools and techniques you can use but sometimes keeping things simple it’s just better. In this tutorial I will show you how to effectively color correct any image in Photoshop in less than a minute using auto correction. Video version available at the bottom of the article.

Final result of the color correction


Open in Photoshop the photo you want to color correct and add a Curves Adjustment Layer or Levels. I like to use curves because I can add more points on the curve and make more advanced edits but the Levels works exactly the same for the purpose of removing color cast.

Remove color cast in Photoshop

Next to the channel selector you should see the “Auto” button which allows you to correct images with just one click. (on older versions of Photoshop you might have to enter the curves paanel menu on the top right of the panel) Press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard and click the Auto button.
Another panel will open and you should check the “Find dark & Light colors“. In order to make a more precise correction you can also check the “Snap neutral tones

Color tint correction. Photoshop CC tutorial

You should see the changes made automatically by photoshop to remove the color tint from your image by changing the channels curves. Notice that the contrast of the image was not affected unless you choose one the the other options like Enhance per Channel Contrast for example.

You can use the RGB curve to affect the contrast of your image without affecting the colors.


Remove color cast automatically in Photoshop CC



  • Hello Andrei
    This is wonderful, I tried in one of my photos and worked very well.
    I had to do it like that ’cause the sample’s photo used by you isn’t in that link anymore.
    Thank you!

  • Thank you for your continued tutorials. I learn so much from them. The Auto colour correction tutorial looked so good (and easy) I have just tried it but I find that my Curves panel is different from yours though the Levels panel is the same. On clicking Alt+auto on either I do not get the Auto correction correction options. Is this a PS version change? I have PSCC 2015.0.0.

    • Hi. I know this feature since CS6 so it should be there. I have Photoshop CC 2015 as well. Send me a screenshot or post the image online and a link to it and I’ll take a look

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