Portra Photo app – Create Watercolor Effects
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Portra Photo app – Create Watercolor Effects

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Portra is a photo editor for Android and iPhone that you can use to create watercolor painting effects. All available effects are free and there are no integrated purchases or advertising.

This application is very simple, has no menu and only two settings to control the final effect of the photo. But it doesn’t need it either. The 17 effects you have available can be applied quickly and are usually very beautiful in any photo.

We can use photos from the gallery or take a picture with your mobile phone. It’s a photo-editing application that I encourage you to try because I’m sure more than one will like it.

Some effects created with Portra

One of the things that are appreciated is that all effects are free and there is no advertising of any kind in the application (at least on the dates of publication of this article).

One of the drawbacks of this photo editing application is that when exporting the edited photos it cuts them to a maximum width of 640px which makes it difficult to print or use them on certain mediums.

If you want to create a similar effect in Photoshop, I’ve created a similar template some time ago with which you just have to put your photo and get a similar effect.

Watercolor painting effect template