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Photo editors for android and iphone

Photo Editing for Mobile (Android and iOS)

In this video I will show you how to edit photos with Snapseed. A photo editing app for Android and iPhone with filters and advanced editing.


If you search for “photo editor ” in Google Play Store or iTunes, you’ll get dozens of results with most diverse range of apps you can think of, from putting piercings to create collages or special effects. There are few applications that let you work with adjustment layers or go beyond applying a basic filter.

Photo editing apps for mobile phones

Today we will see some functions of an application called “Snapseed” which surprisingly,  besides allowing you to work with adjustment layers and apply various filters to the same photo using layers, it is able to pull out a lot of detail and information from a photo.

Photo editing app for Android and iPhone

The number of filters that brings does not impress much but it does surprise the level of customization that allow each of these filters because almost all of them has one or more parameters that allow you to customize it.

Using the application is very simple and convenient. With one hand you can choose from the available adjustments or tools by swiping up or down and swiping right or left to increases or decreases the intensity of an adjustment or effect.

What has surprised me most about this photo editing app is the amount of detail that is able to get from a photo, at least from landscape photos which is the kind of photos I edited most with this app.It is also true that I always use the HDR mode on my Samsung Galaxy S5 to take better photos which helps to get a better result. You can see the result below.

Dungaire-castle-before - Photo editing for mobile devicesDungaire-castle-after - Photo editing for mobile devices


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