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  • Movie Poster Tutorial – The Hunter

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  • In this video tutorial I will show you how to create a simple but impressive movie poster in Photoshop. For this movie poster tutorial we will use only 2 main stock images, a texture and layer styles. At the bottom of this brief article you will find the detailed video version of this tutorial. Hope you enjoy and share.

    Movie Poster Tutorial – Final Result

    Movie Poster Tutorial. Photoshop cc

    In order to make this poster I used the  resources listed below but don’t be afraid to use other stock images for your background, or other poses of the same model. You will create something unique.

    When you make a movie poster in Photoshop make sure you choose the background wisely. You don’t want something too distracting, at least not on the parts where you will place the title or other important info.
    I chose a simple landscape image with a non-distracting sky and a darker part on the bottom which is great to make the credits stand out. I also made some quick adjustments using clipped adjustment layers. This helps to integrate the model with the background colors and contrast.

    Movie poster Photoshop CC tutorial

    Add any elements you can to make your text stand out and make your movie poster more interesting. I used some plants which I blurred to create more depth of field, hide the women’s bottom part of the legs and also to make the credits stand out more (I added the credits at the end).
    I also added some dust particles, this usually creates a more cinematic effect on movie posters

    Cinematic movie poster effect

    When making the title, I created a subtle 3D effect using the Bevel/Emboss layer style and some Drop Shadow. I also used a dirty metal texture which I clipped to the text to make it look less flat and more eye catching.

    You can decorate your text with plants, insects, ivy, bullet impacts, smoke, lens flares, fire, etc depending on what is your movie about. I just used a simple arrow behind the text as an element of design. I could have created the arrow to pierce through the text and make the debris on the holes made by the arrow passing through but I wanted to keep it simple.

    Movie poster title. Typo tutorial

    When you’ve finished placing all the elements of your movie poster, add a few adjustment layer on top of all the layers and give the final color and contrast finish. When you are done with that you are ready to add the movie credits.

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