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Deer Surreal Manipulation for Beginners

This is a beginners video tutorial and I will show you how to replace the antlers of a deer with some tree branches. We will use basic masking, some tricks with blend modes and we’ll use the Puppet Warp Tool.

Resources used

  • Deer –
  • Birds –
  • Dead trees from:
Download resources used

Create a surreal deer manipulation – Quick overview

Open the image of the deer and extend the top part of the canvas. Sample the color of the sky and paint with a soft brush to cover them with the sample color.

Surreal deer manipulation tutorial

Open the dead tree images and use the Magic Wand Tool (W) and remove the white background. Refine the edge of your selection if necessary or use the Multiply blend mode technique to remove the backgroundWatch the video at the end of the article for more details.

Place the dead trees on your canvas and try to emulate the antlers of the deer.

Createa surreal deer manipulation in Photoshop 2018

Repeat the process and create the right antlers. Add other details if you want. I added a nest and a bird sitting on the branches and some flying birds on the background.

You can even create a heart shape or any other thing with the branches if you use the Puppet Warp Tool to bend the branches the way you want.

Surreal photoshop manipulation. PSD Box manipulations 2018

Create the final look of you manipulations using adjustment layers. I created a brown tone over the whole image using a Gradient Map and I changed the Luminosity of the channels using a Curves adjustment. Watch the video for more details.

Surreal deer manipulation psd box 2018

Video tutorial – Abstract Deer Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial for beginners

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