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Landscape Photo editing tutorial. How to edit raw photos

Landscape photography – RAW editing Tutorial

In this raw editing tutorial I will show you how I recovered a very under exposed photo. I like landscape photography a lot and today I will edit one of my photos and to show you the power of raw format.

In order to edit RAW photos you need special software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop which support these formats. Many camera brands provide their own software along with the camera so you can make basic edits to your raw photos. For this RAW editing tutorial I will use one of my landscape photos which is heavily underexposed and I will show you how to recover an apparently lost photo. I will use Adobe Lightroom but you can also use Photoshop because it uses Camera RAW which is essentially Lightroom with another interface.

How to edit RAW photos – Landscape photography

Edit RAW photos or JPG

When you edit raw photos there is a big difference compared to editing a JPG file because the amount of information contained on a raw photo is huge compared to that of a JPG photo. The camera that I use (Nikon D7100) takes 14 bits RAW photos and ad JPG usually has 8 bits of information. It doesn’t seem like a big difference but wait until you see what you can do in Lightroom.

You can make a test yourself. Download the raw photo used in this tutorial, convert it to JPG without editing it and then try to make the same edits as you made to the RAW version and see if you get the same results. JPG is a compressed format used because files are small in size compared to RAW images and they are perfect for displaying on the internet and electronic devices.

RAW options on a reflex. Edit raw photos in Lightroom tutorial

All reflex cameras allow you to shoot raw and some even allow you to shoot both raw and jpg photos. Shooting jpg photos with a reflex is not advisable in my opinion because all you do is allow the camera to edit the raw image itself and compress it using the settings you already preset on it (saturation, sharpness, contrast…) and discard the rest of the information. If you paid a lot of money for a reflex camera why take photos that pretty much any point and shoot camera can take? Better use that extra info and edit the photo the way you want and not the way the camera wants.

Edit raw raw photos tutorial. Landscape photography