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Forest Archer – Advanced Manipulation

This is an advanced Photoshop tutorial where you’ll see some techniques of creating advanced makeup. You’ll learn how to turn an ordinay portrait into a beautiful manipulation with nice effects.

You will have the RAW files of the portrait so you will be able to edit them in Camera RAW before starting to make the manipulation.

I will show you how to use 3 copies of the portrait in order to blend hair with the background with simple mask. This technique also works for separating parts of the body and apply blur if you want to create depth of field as shown on the tutorial.

The photoshop tutorial makeup I will show you offers better results in my opinion because the skin texture shows through and the masking is easier.

Download the resouces and let’s get started


Forest Archer (Resources)


61 MB 741 downloads

Show off your results

If you achieved a nice result post it on Instagram with the hashtag #psdbox and mention this website for everybody to see and try.
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  • very nice article and video it is very helpful. great collection and a lot of good inspiration for getting better final results 🙂 Helped me getting even more beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing!

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