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Your Last Kiss – Emotional Manipulation Tutorial

I think it’s time for another emotional manipulation tutorial. The main techniques used here are the same as on my other tutorials but I will also show you how to create realistic depth of field in Photoshop, how to create a shatter effect using brushes and how I got that cinematic effect on the final result.

Before we start I would like to mention that the original idea of this manipulation belongs to blackmamba08 so make sure you check her version as well.

Final Result

Stock used

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  • Tutorial (Video & PDF)

Video Version

Cut-out techniques video Tutorial – Photoshop Extraction techniques

Step 1

Because the stock image of the kissing couple was not too big I was forced to use a canvas size of just 1200×768 which for me is a small canvas especially of you want to print the artwork. Create your document and paste the premade background adjusting it’s size to fit the canvas.

Once you do that you can extract the kissing couple from the background and paste it slightly on the right (avoid placing them in the middle of the document). Don’t worry too much about details on the girl’s hair, we will mask it anyways.

Step 2

Create a layer mask for the couple layer and use grunge or splatter brushes to mask the back of the girl and part of her head. See image below. I used several grunge brushes packs. Make sure you use a different brush every time you stroke or you will have repeating patterns.

Step 3

I added some light effects to the couple layer. In fact I added these effects after I finished the artwork but you can add those now and adjust later if needed.

I wanted to create some rim lights on the boy’s body so I used the same Inner Shadow technique as always. The Inner Shadow color that I use is #BA9752. Then I also added some Outer Glow. For more details see image below.

Step 4

Once I had the structure of the artwork I made some adjustments using adjustment layers as clipping masks. I adjusted the colors of the couple with Color Balance. Then I added a Photo Filter to add more warmth and then a Solid Color with the Hue blend mode and the color #AE9D86 and layer Opacity at 75%.

I wanted to blend the shatter edge of the girl’s body a bit better with the background so I created a new clipping mask layer above the color fill layer, I changed the blend mode to Screen and I painted along the edge with a medium soft brush to add a bit of light on that side. I used the color #AF7E33.

Step 5

The overall image was too saturated so I used a Hue Saturation adjustment layer NOT as clipping mask above all the other layers and I reduced the Saturation to -20.

Step 6

In order to add more emphasis on the kissing couple, I blurred the background using the Lens Blur filter. This effect is called depth of field.
First I duplicated the background layer because the Lens Blur filter cannot be applied to a Smart Object. Then I activated the Quick Mask mode and grabbed the Linear Gradient Tool (G) and drew a small gradient. Deactivate the Quick Mask mode inorder to get your selection. Now go to Filter>Blur>Lens Blur and apply some blur using about 10px for the radius. Make sure you only apply the filter to the landscape layer. That way you will have the grass near the couple in focus and as you fade into the distance it becomes blurrier.

Note: if the blur comes out the wrong way, invert your selection or before you apply the filter.

Realistic epth of fiel in Photoshop

Step 7

This is probably the most challenging part of this tutorial, making the shatter effect. I used several brush sets for this, layer masks and clipping mask layers.

First I placed some particles from the Media Millitia pack behind the girl. I erased some parts using a layer mask.

In order to make these particles look like they are actually part of the girl’s body, I duplicated the couple layer (and deleted the lauyer mask of the duplicated layer) and used it as a clipping mask for the particles layer. Move this layer to the left so that you see the texture of the girl on the particles. Optionally, you can also add some outer glow to the particles layer. I used a dark orange color and set this effect to Color Dodge. But it looks awesome without thsi effect anyways.

I repeated the same process to add more particles.

Step 8

I created even more particles using an explosion debris brush pack. The key to this is to use a smaller brush size so that you create smaller and more detailed particles to fill the space between the previous bigger particles.

Step 9

The hardest part is done, all that’s left to do now is add some effects and get that cool cinematic look. The fist thing I did is add a lens flare from my Lens Flares Pack. I placed it behind the couple and use the Screen blend mode.

Step 10

Add a spark of passion using the fire flying particles also with the Screen blend mode.

Step 11

Another light effect you can add is some light glows using a soft brush. I added this light effect above the couple layer. So I created a new layer above all the other layers and set its blend mode to Screen. The I used a soft brush and painted two soft dots using the color: #A2824A. If the light comes out too bright use a darker tone of the same color.

Step 12

We are almost there, just a few final adjustments and we are set. Select the top most layer on your palette and press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E (Shift+Command+Option+E) to create a stamp of all the visible layers or simple select the entire canvas, go to Edit>Copy Merged and paste on a new layer.

With the new layer created go to Image>Adjustments>Variations and select More Cyan. After applying the adjustment, change the layer’s blend mode to Lighten and resuce the Opacity to about 70%.

Step 13

Create another stamp with the same keyboard shortcut, this will be our final result. Once the new stamp is ready, turn the layer into a Smart Object if you can (don’t worry if you can’t) and go to Filter>Render>Lighting Effects. I used the settings shown in the image bellow. This effect creates some vignetting effect and adds a certain dreamy effect to the scene. Apply some sharpening and you’re done.

Final result