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Quick portrait effects Photoshop 2018

Color Tones and Quick Effects for your Photos

Add quick color effects to your photos and create fantasy looking images with light effects. This is a quick editing tutorial where I show you how to change the aspect of an image.

Resources needed

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For this tutorial I used Photoshop CC 2018 but you can use any version although at least CS6 is recommended.

The first thing I did is make a basic adjustment in Camera RAW. If you have Photoshop CC you can find camera RAW in the Filters menu. If you don’t have Photoshop CC you can still do it.

How to use camera RAW on any image in Photoshop

The easiest thing you can do is save your image using the .tiff format. Opening a tiff image in Photoshop will automatically open it in camera raw.

If you want to open jpg images in Camera RAW by default you have to go to Photoshop’s settings, locate the File Handling tab and change Open jpg files by default.

I created the light effects using stock images of light particles and the Screen blend mode.

Creating the sun rays is easy using a gradient. I showed this technique on another tutorial.

Create light rays in photoshop
Click the image to see how to create sun rays in Photoshop

The wavy light effects were created using the Wave filter inside Filters>Distort>Wave. Watch the video for more details. I finished up by adding a few color touches using Curves and Color Lookup adjustment layers.

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