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Color Luminosity how to change it

Color Luminosity how to change it

In this quick Photoshop tutorial I will show you how to change color luminosity selectively without affecting saturation. In one of my previous tutorials I showed you a great technique of changing the contrast of an image without affecting the color saturation using the Luminosity blend mode. Today we will see how to change the luminosity of a color selectively in Photoshop using the same blend mode.

Picture used in the tutorial


Change color luminosity in Photoshop

This technique works in all Photoshop versions. We will use the Selective Color  and Black and White adjustment layers for this technique. These two adjustments will allow us to brighten our colors selectively and combining them with the Luminosity blend mode we will ensure that we only change light information and not affect saturation.

Color luminosity photoshop cc tutorial

If we use the Selective Color for this color luminosity changing technique, we only use need the Black slider because it’s the one that controls the brightness of the color that we selected on the dropdown list at the top of the adjustment panel.

If we use the Black & White adjustment we have all the colors listed as you can see on the screenshot above (right). In order to change the color luminosity with this adjustment simply move the slider of the color you want to change to the right (to darken it) or to the left (to lighten it). Obviously first you must change the blend mode of the adjustment layer to Luminosity.

Color luminosity. Photoshop quick tip tutorial
I darkened the blue colors and lighten the yellows using the Black and White adjustment as you can see on this example

Change color luminosity selectively in Photoshop

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