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Bird photography editing workflow photoshop 2018

Bird Photography Editing Workflow

Bird photography editing is very similar to other wild life photo editing. It depends of course on your own personal style and the effect you want to achieve.

In this bird photo editing tutorial I will show you a workflow that includes changing the background with really simple masking and soft blend modes. You can further develop this technique tu suit your needs and your own style.

Stock image used

Bird Photography Editing editing workflow

Desarrollar un flujo de trabajo o “workflow” propio es muy importante. Añade un elemento de originalidad y ayuda a que tu estilo se diferencie de los demás.

Tanto si te especializas en fotografía de aves, fotografía de mascotas, vida salvaje, naturaleza o retratos, todas se verán beneficiadas.

Crear tu propio flujo de trabajo no es difícil

Creating your own photo editing workflow is not difficult, and actually you already have one but you didn’t realize. The most important is to realize that you are are actually using your own editing technique and create presets and actions to so that you speed up the process.

Standardize your workflow by creating presets of your adjustments and create actions of the most important steps. This will consolidate your style and will speed up the editing of your photo. This is quite easily done in Photoshop: How to record your steps into Photoshop actions, Manage presets in Photoshop

Purchase an action pack or create your own resources

I’m not a big fan of action packs. Over the internet you can find lots of “professional” actions which will “guarantee” success on every photo.

photo editing workflow tutorialMany people purchase these photo editing action packs thinking they will create magic on their photos. I purchased myself one of these packs and truth is that the effect you see on their demo photos is the result of applying a few actions that will do basic adjustments.
Then you have to mask areas and you almost never end up with a result similar to what you envisioned when looked at their demo images unless you’re a really good retoucher.

Create your own resources

As a photographer you should be able to create your own backgrounds and stock photos. For bird photography editing, blurred backgrounds are very useful because you can create different looks for your shots.

Also, these backgrounds are easy to blend with simple masking using the technique I will show you next.

Bird Photography Editing and Blending

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