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Mimic a polarizing filter effect in Lightroom 3

Polarizing filters are a very useful piece of glass. They help get clearer images, remove reflections, create more vivid colors and make the skies look beautiful. In this tutorial I will show you how to reproduce this effect using LightRoom 3. It’s very easy.

Reproducing this effect in Photoshop is more complicated but if you want to learn how to do it, please post a comment requesting the tutorial.

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  • i discovered your color cast tutorial off of extremely helpful calcutta wedding red cast
    i use cs5 (being 72yrs, PS got too complicated after that) could you tell me the approximate date you stopped using cs5 as reference and went on to cs6, etc.? so i might find those tutorials easily?
    Thank you in advance, and i agree with your other comments – you have a special way of explaining that makes it easier to understand than many other “teachers.”

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