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Great stock photos for free

Great Hand Picked Stock Images For Free

Getting great stock images for free is not that difficult nowadays. Communities such as deviantART or make designer’s life a lot easier. The quality of the free stock images is very acceptable and they are great for amateur designers. In this article I will showcase a few great stock images that I found mainly on DA and suggest a few authors that provide excellent quality stock.

Remember that although these stock images are offered for free, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to credit the author. Also if you’re planning to use these images on a big project, make sure you read the author’s rules and ask for permission.

Great Stock providers from DA

These are a few users that I use to check out when I’m looking for stock image. There are many, many more on DA so don’t blame me if I didn’t include your favorite one.

mjranum-stock – He’s one of my favorite. Here you can find a huge collection of high quality stock images. Most of the stock images of his gallery are taken in the studio. There are many different models, outfits and a whole lot of poses for each outfit. You will also find a lot of nude stock images. I used several of his stock images on my tutorials.

faestock – My second favorite stock provider. Jessica is a fashion model and photographer from Australia and her gallery is really big. You will find all kinds of outfits, poses and also landscape stock images.

Katanaz-Stock – Professional stock images. You will easily recognize many of their stock images because they have been used in many famous artworks over the internet. A really great collection of great stock images, especially useful for abstract digital-art.

ISOStock – Provides some of the best quality stock images on DA. Superb image quality, original ideas and great amount of poses for each outfit. A must see.

jademacalla – Another top quality stock provider. Businessmen with weapons, gangsters, swords, ninjas, soldiers and all that kind of things you will find on his gallery.

b-e-c-k-y-stock – Awesome stock images of people in different poses (jumping, fighting, portraits, dancing…) and outfits. Great studio quality images comparable to Katanaz-Stock.

AshleyShyD – Here you will find really good stock images (notice: not all the photos on her gallery are stock images, only the ones on the stock folder). I already used images from her gallery on my tutorials here on the site.  If you’re looking for hot girls for wallpapers for example, this is a great place to start looking.

Ahrum-Stock – This user provides stock images of expressions and a whole load of different poses and moves. Mainly male models. Awesome quality and offers packs of stock images.

MelancholyMannequin – Elisa also provides awesome quality stock images. If you’re looking for a good woman model for your artworks you should try her stock images.

night-fate-stock – If you’re looking for plains, lakes, deserts, skies or roads and landscapes in general, the gallery of Julia Starr is a must see.

AngieStock – Angie has all sorts of stock images of herself in different outfits and locations. Image quality and resolution are really good.

xNickixstockx – This user has really interesting stock images of animals (like the rat you can find on the gallery below) and also plants and lanscapes, objects, places… You will get high resolution and good image quality.

Poorsouls-stock – Provides great stock images of portraits, full body, poses and people on general. The quality is brilliant, great illumination and high resolution.

Elandria – She specializes in outdoors people and location stock. Her stock images often have a gothic and dark look. One great thing about her stock images is that her subjects often wear beautiful long dresses great for fantasy manipulations.

Kristinkk – Kristin is a nude photographer so most of the stock she provides is nude poses, nude people fighting and also animal stock. The resolutions of her stock is very high.

2FStocks – Beautiful asian models with nice fantasy and night dresses is what you will find in the gallery of 2FStocks. There are multiple poses with each dress which is always a good thing when your searching for that perfect pose. The average resolution of her stock images is around 2000 pixels which is not very high but still very decent.

fenne-stock – Fields, forests, castles and other awesome stock images is what you will find in Fenne’s gallery. I used some of her stock images on my tutorials.

Catarina-stock – Gothic girls in sexy black outfits and multiple backgrounds and poses. For dark artworks, great image quality.

CAStock –  In the gallery of Catherine you will find pretty much anything from ships and vessels to models, objects and buildings.

Eirian-stock – This DA member provides a really wide array of stock images, landscapes, children, animals, fantasy… all organized in folders depending on the theme or subject of the stock images. She also provides cutout stock in PNG.

Nirelstock – Another pro stock provider. In her gallery you will find mainly stock images of women in different dresses: fantasy, gothic, fantasy, pirate…

Chonastock – If you’re looking for cosplay and fantasy stock, you can find what you want in this gallery. They have cosplays for Star Trek, nimphs, pirates, and more.


Some stock images from some of the mentioned authors

Some of the stock images from this showcase belong to authors mentioned on the list above but not all of them. Notice that some of the thumbnails below are cropped so that they fit in the site, see the author’s site for full image. Also please respect the rules of each author.