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Free High-Quality Texture Pack: Sky and Lens Flare

Free High-Quality Texture Pack: Sky and Lens Flare
Do you know the situation when you take a perfect picture of some object but the sky behind the object is too dark, light or boring? Our new photobank of clouds and sky textures can solve this problem. It’s a project of a small postproduction studio based in Prague.
This photobank contains almost 1 500 photos. You can find the perfect texture by several criteria. Some of the textures even include a horizon. All the textures were shot with 31mpix Hasselblad camera and they are available in three possible resolutions. The best one is 6496×4872 px (RAW) which means really good resolution!

Are you bored of the usual Lens Flare plug-in that’s built within Photoshop? You may also mix and match the textures as shown on the example below. Simply place a lens flare texture over a sky texture and change its Blending Mode to Screen.

Our textures are perfect not only for your web projects but for your print projects as well. They are also free for your personal and commercial projects but may not be sold or redistributed in any way.
More high-quality sky textures are also available if you purchase our DVD.

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