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The brand new Lightroom CC & Lightroom Classic

A few days ago, Adobe announced the introduction of the brand new Lightroom CC, a completely redesigned program which will now be cloud oriented. The existing desktop version is now called Lightroom Classic and will continue to be developed and updated alongside the cloud version.

What’s the Difference Between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic?

(Quoted from Adobe’s site ) Going forward, the product you’ve known as Lightroom will be rebranded “Lightroom Classic CC”.  Why change? We have introduced a new photography service that will now be called “Lightroom CC”. It is designed to be a cloud-based ecosystem of apps that are deeply integrated and work together seamlessly across desktop, mobile, and web.  Lightroom Classic CC is designed for desktop-based (file/folder) digital photography workflows. It’s a well-established workflow solution that is distinct and separate from our new cloud-native service.  By separating the two products, we’re allowing Lightroom Classic to focus on the strengths of a file/folder based workflow that many of you enjoy today, while Lightroom CC addresses the cloud/mobile-oriented workflow.

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