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Aurora HDR 2018 overview and features

Aurora HDR 2018 – Features and Overview

Try the most advanced and complete high dynamic range photo editor ever created for Mac and Windows. A tool that will deliver an unrivaled HDR excellence whether your style is realistic or ultra-creative

Mac OS & Windows support

Making HDR photography accessible to everyone, new Aurora HDR now supports both the Mac and Windows platforms. Edit your photos on your favorite computer!

Next-generation tone mapping

Excellence in tone mapping beats at the heart of new Aurora HDR. To ensure your merged images begin life with as realistic a look as possible, our algorithms have been completely revised to deliver the goods.

HDR Enhancer

HDR Enhancer is the successor of traditional clarity. Just like the clarity adjustment, the new HDR enhancer brings out the details and textures on photo. But also takes your image much further, making it more sharp, vivid and eye-friendly. This is one of the most helpful sliders in Aurora HDR 2018 — even a subtle boost will lift almost any HDR photo.

Dodge & Burn

Selectively lighten (dodge) or darken (burn) specific areas of your image to artfully direct your viewer’s eye towards the subject of your desire, similar to a traditional darkroom technique. Our new brushes and controls give you infinite control.

Full features list of Aurora HDR

Complete features list of aurora HDR
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Aurora HDR 2018 Features and first contact

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