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3D LUT Creator Features – Professional Color Grading

Create awesome color gradings and color corrections to your photos or video footage with 3D LUT Creator. In this video I will show you the basics of 3D LUT creator and how to create your own lookup tables

3D LUT creator is a unique and very powerful color grading software that allows you to edit your photos like no other software does.

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The software is quite simple to use and the results you will get are astonishing. No color bending and no masking required. It supports batch processing so you can apply a color grading to a batch of photos automatically and it supports RAW files which is where you will truly use its full color editing potential.

You can color correct your images or get a professional color and contrast look in a matter of minutes just by using a few tools. You also have at your disposal, advanced curves and masking tools if you want to make more precise adjustments.

3D Lut Creator can be linked to Photoshop so you can import your currently opened project and create a color grade for it and then quickly send it back to Photoshop as a Color Lookup preset.

Another awesome feature of 3D LUT Creator only available on the Pro version, is the ability to match color grading of a reference image of your choice. So you can color grade your photos or movie clips based on a screenshot or another photo and mimic that color style.

I use 3D Lut creator to create color presets for my Photoshop manipulations. I export them and use them with the Color Lookup preset inside Photoshop. But these color grades can be used with any software that support color lookup tables.

You can export your color lookup tables in the following formats: .3dl, .cube, .lut, .csp, .cms, PNG LUT, abstract ICC .icc

3D Lut Creator Features


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