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Photopea – Best Photoshop alternative – FREE

Photopea is the perfect photoshop alternative. It’s a free online editor that supports layers, masks, smart objects, psd format, layer styles, adjustment layers, vector formats, quick selection, cloning and healing and much more. I could say it’s the free online Photoshop version. It’s the most advanced online Photo Editor I’ve seen. Create layers with just drag and drop or paste from the clipboard. Create logos, retouch portraits or create manipulations online and export in many formats including Photoshop compatible PSD files.


Photopea demo PSD 35 MB 405 downloads


Photopea free Photoshop alternative – Features

In a few words, Photopea is the perfect online Photoshop alternative. It has almost all photoshop features: layers, layer masks, layer styles, same keyboard shortcuts, adjustment layers, blend modes and much more.

You can change the language of the interface to many different available and translations are being added.

The interface is very similar to Photoshop’s with very similar panels and virtually the same set of tools on the Toolbar.

I could create a simple manipulation using layer masks, adjustment layers and layer styles in just 15 minutes. You can check the result below or you can open the PSD file (link at the beginning of the article) and continue editing it in Photopea.

Free Photoshop alternative online Photo editor
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