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Poker Photoshop Action

Pro poker players won’t see a customised, artistic deck of cards anytime soon in a tournament, but you can surprise your poker buddies by creating your own for your next “friendly” game. Just take a look at these beautiful cards courtesy of Graphic River:

Image credit: Graphic River

Imagine playing with those cards! Whoever made them is possibly a poker player as well as a pop culture fanatic, or perhaps even a pro—who knows? Whatever the case, he or she most definitely a Photoshop pro for using Poker Photoshop Action to create this deck. The artist probably wanted to try something a bit different, and was inspired by, of all things, poker, and maybe even the players he or she has played against over the years. After all, inventiveness can come from pretty much anything and everything state the artists asked about their inspiration by The Guardian.

Award-winning installation artist Isaac Julien gets inspiration “from all sorts of sources” and is always on the lookout for anything that will pique his interest and stimulate his creative mind. He is particularly observant when it comes to people, noting their gestures and even “the colours they’re wearing.” The artist who made the above Photoshopped cards had the same mantra and took note of the sublime details of poker playing, like the clothes the opponents wore, their preferred drinks, and even perhaps their tells and mannerisms. As the finished product—an exquisite set of cards—proves, finding inspiration from poker players isn’t particularly hard, because as PartyPoker reveals there are seven types of player you are likely to meet at a tournament. There is, for example, the good ol’ gunslinger who constantly leans forward on their elbows to see flops, calls out of position, and folds to most c-bets. There is also the Nit Grinder, who never does anything special at the table, but still finds themself ahead by the end of the game. With such diversity seated around a table, any true-blue artist’s creative juices are sure to flow.

Now, if you would like to create cards like the ones you just saw earlier, then you’re in luck as you can simply use Poker Photoshop Action to make a visually stunning deck. Poker Photoshop Action helps you create a full deck of 54 cards without having to go through all the minutiae of creating layers, vectors, and bit-by-bit colouring. This action will therefore save you hours of work, meaning you will have more time for poker. The end-result of using Poker Photoshop Action is a well organised and structured file complete with various layers, folders, and settings to improve the final product.

Before you opt for Poker Photoshop Action, however, take note first that it was created and optimised for use only on the English version of Photoshop CS3–CS6 and Photoshop CC++. If your Photoshop meets those specifications, then you are all set to go.

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