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  • How to find the Best Blog Hosting for Designers

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  • As designers, we’re in a unique position to create successful blogs. We have a lot of information and know-how, as well as the skills to make our ideas come to life on the screen. Each of us has so much to share, from how-tos to personal stories to reviews, and so much more.

    It’s not surprising that you want to create a design blog. As long as you’re committed to sharing what you know with others, there is nothing in your way.

    The first thing you’re going to need to do when creating a blog is to find the right hosting service. Hosting is what gets your blog online, allowing visitors to come and see and learn from your handiwork. But how do you find the best blog hosting for designers?

    Here are some tips to help you choose.

    It’s not all in the name

    Many people creating websites make the mistake of assuming that the familiar-sounding brand names are the best. The assumption is that since they’ve been around for a while and are seemingly popular, they must do a good job. However, this has long ago been proven untrue, especially in the case of GoDaddy.

    GoDaddy is still a huge provider of web hosting, but only because their marketing team has kept them up there. There are loads of complaints about their terrible service, and they have a slew of scandals in their past (including the nefarious act of buying up domain names that potential customers have searched for, and selling them at premium prices).

    Reliability and consistency are crucial, but it’s not in the name. Look at what the experts have to say about a service before committing.

    Customers know best

    But the experts don’t know everything. For the most part, expert reviewers are reviewing from an outside perspective. They’re often using the service to see how well it works, rather than for their own projects.

    Customers therefore sometimes can tell you a little bit more about the experience of using the service over a long period of time. Did the customer service live up to their reputation? Did the different plans facilitate what they needed?

    Look for reviews written by other designers, to see how well a service works for people just like you. In this case, customers tend to know best.

    Easily adaptable

    Web hosting plans for design blogs need to be adaptable. In other words, you should be able to upgrade or downgrade whenever you decide you need something different. As designers, we tend to tinker. And so, what starts as a content light blog can become something full of bells and whistles.

    Furthermore, you probably intend for your audience to grow. While you may not want to start off with a plan that is priced to those with millions of followers, you want the opportunity to upgrade when your visitor base does expand.

    Any plan you choose should accommodate you as a designer, not just as a blogger. Choose wisely, and you’ll have everything in place for when your career grows.

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