Graphically-rich PC games which are worth checking out

Sports games are usually available in different shapes and sizes. While Rocket League and Football Manager don’t have anything in common, they are both in fact types of sports games. FIFA on the other hand has introduced a story driven campaign, Pyre can be termed as a fantasy role-playing game that’s quite similar to a sport.

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Let’s not take you over some of the graphically rich sports games that are definitely worth checking out.

FIFA 2018

The annual football series released by EA sports, FIFA 2018 is definitely worth checking out. The surprise addition of a compelling single player story mode has taken this game to a new high in terms of popularity. With FIFA World Cup 2018 round the corner, the sales of this game are expected to hit a new high!

Unlike PES, the strength of FIFA 2018 lied in its quick and short passing game. Furthermore, if online play is what you’re after, FIFA is by far the best Sim of all, and has extremely rich graphics to provide you with a realistic and immersive experience. Its’ fairly healthy and strong online community guarantees that you’d always find a game to get involved in. You can play FIFA 2018 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

PES 2018

While FIFA draws a great number of people interested in online multiplayer or single player story games, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is by far everyone’s most preferred game when it comes to local multiplayer action, or when anyone wants to just play some nice signature Master League. Both the games play a little differently with PES being more about lofted through balls and long passes, making it a very frenetic and fast-paced game. Developed by Konami, it was released in September 2017. The game can be played on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

NBA 2K18

This is a basketball simulation video game published by 2K Sports and developed by Visual Concepts. Successor to the NBA 2K17, it’s the 9th instalment of the original NBA 2K franchise. The game has Thunder winning the Championship and the Warriors losing in the first round.

Released in September 2017 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Switch platforms, it has Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving as the cover athlete of the game for the regular edition, and Shaquille O’Neal serving as cover athlete for special edition. The Canadian version has Toronto Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan as the cover athlete. It also won the award for ‘Best Graphics’ and ‘Best Presentation’ at the Game Informer’s 2017 Sports Game of the Year awards.