Essential apps for any photography trip

Our phones are utterly amazing things, it is genuinely incredible what they can do and how much utility we get from them. Whether we are using them for work or pleasure, our phones are like little supercomputers in our pockets that have changed the way we live, the way we interact with one another, the way we work and the way our days are organised. They are calculators, games consoles, pocket cinemas, little offices and a way of keeping in touch with our nearest and dearest, even if they live thousands of miles away.

From a photography point of view, our phones can help us with millions of different tasks, ranging from taking the photos themselves, to editing them, to finding new spots to take them. It is amazing just how much they can do and how useful they are to any serious photographer. The rise of apps in recent years has, of course, made an important difference as apps are just tools that give us new possibilities. It is very exciting to think how apps have allowed us to do new things.

One of the main times people like to take and edit photographs, is on their  travels. It is the chance to take photos of new places, of new things, of new experiences and of vistas and views that are just begging to be captured. One thing that everyone takes with them on a trip nowadays is their phone, it is up there with your passport and wallet for a must have item.

This gives you the perfect chance to get apps which will allow you to continue your passion for photography on the go, which will get you up and running with some editing as well as giving you places to post them. So here are three apps you have to install when you are going on a trip.


Google are a company with an amazing reputation for photography owing to their suite of apps which allow you to edit, sort and then post your photos. Their Google photos app uses intelligent AI to make it super simple to sort photos by place you took them, the people in them and even by what objects appear in them. Snapseed is their editing app and is utterly excellent for editing on the go, it is pretty simple to use but there are also excellent tutorials that allow you to get the best out of it. You can get it on Android or iOS.

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Royal Vegas

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You need a place to post your photos and Instagram is perfect. It has lots of tools to edit your photos and make them look beautiful as well as being super simple to use. See our official Instagram page