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DeviantART Group Feature #8

Every now and then I feature some of the best photos from my deviantART and my Flickr group photos that you guys and girls share with the rest of us. So here you have another “episode” of pure bliss. Thanks to all the talented artists out there that share this with all of us.

Anew by Sangelus on deviantART

..:Wish you were here:.. by SummerDreams89 on deviantART

Waiting For You by mossaabdaoui on deviantART

Wedding by ilford75 on deviantART

On the Way to a Watery Grave by kimsol on deviantART

The Guardian by shiny-shadows-Art on deviantART

Natassja and her many Demons by nina-Y on deviantART

Poppy by AllaD8 on deviantART

Alice by AllaD8 on deviantART

Empathy by Carlos-Quevedo on deviantART

Die by the Sword by kimsol on deviantART

Who I Am: Angel or Demon? by MirellaSantana on deviantART

Cover art – Strange Little Mercies by MirellaSantana on deviantART

But a Dream Within a Dream by KingaBritschgi on deviantART

Spiritual Revenge by Celtica-Harmony on deviantART

Melancholy by CindysArt on deviantART

Sherlock: Nevermore by AriellaColdheart on deviantART

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