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Depositphotos Contest Winners

First I’d like to thank all the participants that sent their submissions. There were more than 50 submissions so it wasn’t easy to choose the winners. In fact I had to contact depositphotos and they told me I could have 3 winners instead of 2. Now let’s see the winners.

There is no first, second and third place because all winning artworks are equally good. I preselected 13 of the best images from all the submissions and they I chose the three winners.

Contest Winners


Sara Helwe with “I Wish”

Dana with “Lady Butterfly”

Diamond Blake with “Rose”

Other submissions I liked a lot

If you’re not among the winners. Don’t worry, there will be more contests in the future. Remember that you all have the opportunity to get free stock images from Depositphotos using their free 7 days trial period.


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