Best of Flickr Group Photos #4

Best of Flickr Group Photos #4

More and more people is submitting their artworks on the PSD Box Flickr group and everyday I see better artworks. The quality of the artworks has improved a lot and that’s great especially for people that’s looking for inspiration.I’ve also seen a lot of people submitting their results from my tutorials and I have to say that some artworks are brilliant. For this 4th feature I will separate those artworks so that people can see what others have learnt from my tutorials.I’m really proud that I managed to inspire you and teach you something. Thanks for the support and enjoy this feature. If you want to join our group or see more photos go here:

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illusion of destruction

Bad times down at the speakeasy




Hold it right there!

sibaux (13)

sibaux (2)

babydoll in action

Sorry We are Closed


Bullet time

A prayer before battle

Making a big noise at City Hall (crop)

Behind the mask

Who left that there?

Armed and dangerous


The Paint Rubs off

The Calling

Waiting For You



Welcome to The Paradise


Waiting My Prince Charming

Ocean 2

Made with my tutorials

01 (Sweet Dreams)


* Sunshine *

My portrait

* Time After Time *






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