Video Game Text Effect
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Video Game Text Effect

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Video Game Text Effect Resources

Video Game Text Effect Resources

17 September 2019 11 MB 537 downloads

Learn how to create a beautiful video game text effect in Photoshop. I will show you how to create a nice RPG game style title in Photoshop making heavy use of layer styles and text effects.

Create video game title in photoshop using layer styles
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You can use any Photoshop version to create this kind of titles but Photoshop CC allows you to use several layer styles at the same time (multiple Drop Shadows or Color Overlays for example).

Designing a video game title in Photoshop often requires skills when working with vector shapes and the tools needed to create the shapes, backgrounds etc. For this tutorial you will have the basic shape if you don’t want to create it like I did in the tutorial.

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