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Photoshop Challenge 3

Welcome to the third Photoshop challenge. I hope you like this new challenge. Download the photo and start Photoshopping.

On the next Photoshop challenge I will feature the best your works you make on this challenge. I will try to publish a new challenge every Friday when possible. There is no deadline for these challenges but if you publish your work before the next challenge is published you get the chance of having your artwork featured on the next video on my youtube channel.

My version

Click on the image to see it larger on a new tab

Use the hashtag #psdbox_desafio3 on Facebook or Instagram

These are some of your creations of this challenge. See more artworks on facebook

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I've been creating Photoshop tutorials since 2009 for beginners and advanced users. I'm a self-taught Photoshop artist and like teaching other how to improve their skills. I love design and graphic communication.

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