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Natural Teeth Whitening – Retouching Tutorial

Teeth whitening is something that many people just do wrong. I’ve seen so many tutorials that show unnecessary steps to achieve a whitening that hardly looks natural. Remember that portrait retouching is all about balance and making your...

Body Retouching Process Overview

This is a quick overview of the process I follow when I make body retouching. I will show you how I use the Mixer Brush Tool, How I apply make up and how I change the illumination using filters and adjustment layers combined with blend modes.

Add quick effects to your personal photos

This tutorial is dedicated to everybody that wants to add some quick effects to their personal photos. It’s a beginners-intermediate tutorial which can be followed by Adobe Elements users as well.

Skin Retouching Techniques

In this tutorial I will show you 2 ways of retouching the skin of your models. A more realistic technique is using the spot healing brush. Use this technique is you want to keep the texture of the skin. Another way of retouching skin is by using the...

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Body and portraits retouching tutorials and techniques

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