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High Quality Optical Flares Stock

Do you think that the default Photoshop lens flares are boring? Yea, so do I. These optical flares are made by hand by myself in Photoshop CS5.

Free High-Quality Texture Pack: Sky and Lens Flare

Free High-Quality Texture Pack: Sky and Lens Flare Do you know the situation when you take a perfect picture of some object but the sky behind the object is too dark, light or boring? Our new photobank of clouds and sky textures

Light Shape Mega Pack (Brushes+stock)

This is a pack that I made a long time ago and for some unknown reason I think I didn’t publish it here, only on deviantART. This pack contains 50 stock images made with Chaoscope and also the brush version of those stock images. It’s...

Cosmic lights – 30 photoshop brushes and PNGs

A pack with 30 high quality beautiful light shapes. Rendered with a 3rd party software but created and tested in Photoshop CS3. The resolution of this brushes go from 800 to 1200 pixels.

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Transparent plants/trees pack

More than 140 trees and other plants on transparent background perfect for adding details to your compositions. These are medium resolution so don’t expect high resolution but still really useful.

High quality concrete and wall textures

17 Wall Concrete Textures Pack

I don’t usually upload stock images but I must admit I like free resources and I know how useful and time saving they can be. I hope you like this new pack of high resolution concrete/wall textures

35 Hi-Res real bokeh effects

Even though I’ve had my camera for quite a long time I’ve never took bokeh shots. This is the first bokeh pack I made and I might make a new one with better light effects and light distribution and more...

Jewels Stock Images

Jewels stock images can be used in a variety of ways and they can really help add more color and detail to your images. I use them mostly to embellish portraits and to add details on models and also as random elements...

High Quality crack textures on white background.

HQ Crack Textures Pack

A textures pack with 17 high quality stock images of wall cracks.  These images were taken on white walls for easier use in Photoshop. Free for personal use only. Enjoy.

HQ Film Strips

HQ Film Strips

4 HQ film strips. PNG format and 2 of them are isolated (cropped) so you can use them on any background you want very easily. I was working on a wallpaper and I wanted a 3D film strip and the only ones I found where on...

Dead Tree Free PNG Stock

Dead Tree Stock – Transparent PNG

Good quality and free stock images of dead trees are not easy to find. I searched on places like, deviantart and others and none of the things I found was what I wanted. I saw this dead orange tree on the...

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