Photoshop tutorials for professionals and beginners

Essential apps for any photography trip

Our phones are utterly amazing things, it is genuinely incredible what they can do and how much utility we get from them. Whether we are using them for work or pleasure, our phones are like little supercomputers in our pockets that have changed the...

3D LUT Creator Features – Professional Color Grading

Create awesome color gradings and color corrections to your photos or video footage with 3D LUT Creator. In this video I will show you the basics of 3D LUT creator and how to create your own lookup tables

The 4 basic rules of photography

Amateur Photography: 4 Beginner Tips to Help Your Start Snapping As a photography novice, it might be difficult for you to understand what makes a quality image. Perhaps you thought that shooting and producing beautiful photos will come naturally...

Aurora HDR 2018 – Features and Overview

Try the most advanced and complete high dynamic range photo editor ever created for Mac and Windows. A tool that will deliver an unrivaled HDR excellence whether your style is realistic or ultra-creative

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