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Create Abstract 3D Reflections

In this easy tutorial I will show you how to create an abstract manipulation, and create a 3D reflection using Photoshop’s 3D features. Download the resources and start distorting the reality. Download source files Download PSD file

What you will create

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How to create a 3D reflections in Photoshop

Using Photoshop’s 3D features is easy to create a pyramid or other 3D shapes. Or you can create them manually using the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

I created the 3D shape from the menu 3D>New mesh from layer>Pyramid. I used the Infinite Light to add some shadow on the sides of it so that my 3D reflection looked more realistic.

As you can see I gave different colors to each face of the pyramid. I did this because after creating the shape I used the Magic Wand Tool to select each side and put it on its own layer. Do that by selecting with the Magic Wand and then right click and choose “New Layer via Cut”. See image below.

Create the shadow under your shape in order to give more realism to it. I used the Polygonal Lasso Tool to create a rectangle with the lines parallel to my pyramid, I filled it with Black and I softened it using the Gaussian Blur filter.

Creating the 3D reflection is easy. Simply duplicate your image once for each side of your shape, in my case 2, because I have 2 visible sides on my pyramid.

Then, drag the copies above the faces of your shape an clip them. After you clip the background to your shape more it a bit using the Move Tool. See image below. For more details watch the video below.

3D reflection photoshop tutorial 2018

Repeat the step to create the reflection for all the sides of your shape. I added some inner shadow to the shape layer to darken the edges. Add adjustments and effects to create the final effect. Check the video version bellow. Subtitles available in English, Italian and French.

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