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Beginner Photoshop manipulation in Photoshop 2017

Beginner Manipulation At the Moon’s Light

In this tutorial will show you how to create an impressive manipulation in Photoshop using only 2 images. You can do this in any Photoshop version and you don’t need advanced Photoshop skills.

Images used for this tutorial


Final result

Beginner Photoshop manipulation in Photoshop 2017

[notification message=”I‹³›m not the original author of this idea. I‹³›m not taking credit for this. I just want to show you how you can create the effects” type=”info” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”e65d2fcde696967e0d939a3438dfc0c9″][/notification]Creating a manipulation like this in Photoshop is not really complicated. It’s rather a matter of creativity than difficulty. In a previous tutorial I showed you how to hold the moon in your hand, which also was a pretty easy tutorial. All we needed to do was to create some glow to our moon and very simple masking.

Creative Manipulation Tutorial – Full Moon

This time we will have to create a similar effect. Just putting the moon in there is not going to look realistic so we will have to make some adjustments using Curves and Layer Styles to add contrast, color and glow to the moon.

On this video tutorial you will notice that in order to change the color of the moon I used Channels when I edited the Curves adjustment layer. That was perhaps the most advanced thing I did for this tutorial. But you can use other adjustments such as Hue/Saturation or Gradient Maps.

How to create a moon manipulation in Photoshop 2017