Retouching Practice – Photoshop for beginners

Retouching Practice – Photoshop for beginners

In this episode I will show you a practical example of how to use the second group of tools (Retouching Tools) which I explained on Episode 2 when I made an intro to all the tools on the tools bar.

You will learn how to make basic skin retouching and how to remove unwanted elements of an image and also how to apply a few Adjustment Layers.

Images used:


  1. blackboximpressions says:

    Great work and tutorial Andrei. Thank you for sharing your talent with us PS beginners.
    Keep up the great tutorial. Loving it.

  2. Nerissa says:

    HI,i am in china,i like your website very much but i can’t Watch the Video, i don’t know if you can help me ….

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