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Realistic shading demonstration (video)

Realistic shading demonstration (video)

Shadows are one of the most important elements of any photo manipulation or digital painting. They give more depth to an artwork and also create realism. In this short video I make a short practical demonstration of how I make the most used types of shadows.

This is just a short demonstration but there is more theory behind shadows. If you want to know more about shadows post a comment. If I get many requests I can write a detailed tutorial to cover this topic,  show you how to create shadows and how to identify light sources and choose the right stock images for your manipulations.

Video explanation

In the video show how to make realistic shadows using the Brush Tool and also how to cast a realistic shadow using the subject layer.

When you’re making shadows the most important thing you have to keep in mind is the color of the shadow (not all shadows are black), the opacity and the softness.

Sometimes you have to apply Gaussian blur to your shadow. Before starting, look for existing shadows on your scene and use the mas guide, try to replicate them.

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  • Ludmila

    It is true that the shadow is incorrectly displayed. Right hand girl has illuminated, so the shadow should go left. But it is not so important for this lesson. This lesson and all the tricks have a very, very great and useful. Thank you very much, I really help your lessons. Please continue.

  • mirek musial

    I can’t see it video i have premium acount

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  • Leo

    Thank you for interesting lesson!

  • Melissa

    Thanks so much for this – had a good idea of how to do it before, but watching this just made it much clearer and more precise. :)

  • yordan iliev

    nice , very nice and easy…….
    THANKS !!!

    • Andrei

      Thanx for the comments yordan.

  • Turrican

    Bad fault, the shadow of the samurai is in the wrong direction… :D

    • Andrei

      yea maybe it should be behind the samurai because the light is coming from ahead but what I wanted to show is that soft shadow made with the brush tool not the casted shadow. Thanx for the observation anyways.

      • Jenaya

        Haellluajh! I needed this-you’re my savior.