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★ Rain & Water Effects in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create realistic water effects in Photoshop using stock images. You will learn how to make basic retouching on skin and how to paint water and apply textures, create custom rain brushes and a sharpening technique to make awesome high impact effects.


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About Andrei Oprinca

Yep that's me :) I like Photoshop and Spotify 2 years ago I said to myself I will fill this with some useful info about me but I never had the chance to do it XDDD
  • john

    Hi, i have Premium Membership . I also cannot download the Source files, it displayed access denied error!!!

    • Andrei Oprinca

      Hello. I need your username so I can take a look at your account and see your permissions. Please contact support here: http://www.psdbox.com/contact

  • moslem zandi

    hi, how i can not download this video !!!! i need this learn :(

  • FSS

    Hi, i have Premium Membership . I also cannot download the Source files, it displayed as below:

    “404 Not Found

    The server can not find the requested page:

    http://www.psdbox.com/premium/content/f/id/119/?utm_source=Download_button&utm_medium=button&utm_term=Premium_download&utm_campaign=Premium_content_download (port 443)

    Please forward this error screen to http://www.psdbox.com‘s WebMaster.”

    Please kindly solve this problem. Thank you.

  • Tony

    Cannot download Source files. I think this website needs to be revamped since you are charging.

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  • buuz

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