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Pro Tip: Masking Hair using Blend Modes

Pro Tip: Masking Hair using Blend Modes

Mask hair in a blink of an eye keeping all the detail an without using complex masking techniques with this pro tip. This method works for images with solid white background but it can save a lot of time. Enjoy

About Andrei Oprinca

Yep that's me :) I like Photoshop and Spotify 2 years ago I said to myself I will fill this with some useful info about me but I never had the chance to do it XDDD
  • Claudiu

    Genius mate, genius.

  • Chris

    This is another technique to reach the same result. But all have the same common denominator: it’s easy to make them with dark hair against bright background. It would require impractically lot of work to have blond frizzy hair against, say, green-yellow foliage!

  • narint

    Thank you for very useful tip.

  • Rajko

    Nice tip!

  • freddie wylson

    i really like your works because of its uniqueness…wish have contact with you to learn more from your titurials

  • anastasia

    Priwet. a est na russkom?

  • mohamed

    you can do it easy with the channels and it will not limit you just see the channel that have more contrast and increase the contrast ….you know tell you get black selection and white will be not selected

    • JAZIB

      You are wright but there is one problem in that way that edges remain so hard and you can not select every single hair, I tried Andrei’s trick with a bunch of hair and i succeeded to select them all.


    What if she had blonde hair?

    • Andrei Oprinca

      Well, you could try but when you change the blend mode to Multiply, the blond hair gets darker and it might not look good. Try it


    why didn’t i know this technique, it’s really a piece of pie. Thank you for sharing.

    • LIPO

      me too. nice idea.