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★ Underwater – Premium Tutorial

★ Underwater – Premium Tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll learn basic and easy techniques to create a partially submerged photomontage. Learning to use some of the Adjustment options to change overall image tones and make them more dramatic and surreal. How to use some of the blending modes for layers. Basis on how to use the masking option.

Final result preview

Submerged photo montage

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Step 1

Start by opening a new work space page with the measures 3888 x 5000 pixels. You can go to File > New or Ctrl + N. Add the measures we will be working on and press OK.

This image could have been smaller but I wanted to maintain the original size of the main images we will be using in this tutorial. (Plus, there is nothing better than a large/good quality final image.)

Submerged photo montage

Step 2

Open the underwater image.

File > Open or Ctrl + O and select the image than press enter.

Submerged photo montage

Step 3

Now that we are with the underwater image opened, select all, copy and place on our workspace created on step 01.

You can press Ctrl + A (this will make a selection on the image) than press Ctrl + C (this will copy the selection we just made) now go to the blank page we are working on and press Ctrl + V (this will place our selection into the workspace). With the mouse, you can drag the image we just inserted all the way to the bottom leaving the top in white. Rename the layer as ‘main water’.

You will notice that we have only part of the sky. This is why we will be adding a new sky to fill the white space on the top.

Submerged photo montage

Step 4

Open the image that contains the sky we shall be using. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and drag the selection in a way we get the whole sky. Now press Ctrl + C (copy). Go to the file we are working on and press Ctrl + V (Paste)Rename this layer as ‘Sky’.

Submerged photo montage

here ends the preview