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★ Make an emotional scene in Photoshop

★ Make an emotional scene in Photoshop

In this manipulation tutorial I will show you how to make an emotional scene in Photoshop  Making this kind of artworks is not very difficult in my opinion, you just need to be creative. Maybe the hardest part when you make this kind of manipulations is choosing the right stock images.

Materials needed

Download source files

Step 1

We will start with the window stock. Open it in Photoshop and get the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) and start cutting out the glass from the frame. You can use 2 pixels of Father. Name this layer window.

Step 2

I didn’t quite liked the perspective op this window so I made a little adjustment to it. Go to Filter>Distort>Lens Correction.

Set Vertical Perspective to +14, Horizontal Perspective to -14 and Scale to 110%. That will hide part of the left side of the window.

Step 3

Open the castle stock image and put in on a new layer below the window layer and scale it down to 35%. Place it like in the screenshot below and name the layer background.

Step 4

Create a Gradient Map adjustment layer above the background layer. You can do that from the menu Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map or from the icon located under the Layers Palette. Use the settings shown in the image below. Change the layer’s blending mode to Multiply and set the Fill to 70%.

Step 5

Time to turn off the lights. This is an important step to create the overall ambient. It will make the image look like it’s night time. Create a new Gradient Map Adjustment layer above the window layer. Set the Blending Mode to Multiply and the Opacity to 70%. Use the gradient colors shown in the image below. I named this layer night.

Step 6

Open the girl with the candle stock and use the Pen Tool (P) to draw her outline using paths. When your done, convert the path in a selection and subtract the girl from the background.
On the hair area use the select color range from Select>Color Range. The hair on on the back of the head is not really important because most of it will be hidden on the next steps. Paste the girl on a new layer above the night layer and scale it down to 35%. Name the layer candle girl.

here ends the preview

Full tutorial here

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    Hi Andrej, I’m new with the photo manipulation, but doing retouching from many years, I’m starting with the older tutorials first, so I made this manipulation as per your instruction and I made it and tried to close your values you used in the original PSD. I submitted it over deviantart, can we post it there ? if not let me know. also I need your valuable opinion on this and future image I will made by your tutorials.


    Thank you.

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    Andrie…. can I ask you something in step 2 … when you go Filter>Distort>Lens Correction
    in my photoshop cs6 I didn’t find it lens correction in distort ?? why???

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    I love your tutorials. I tried this one using an image of my daughter. I would love to hear your comments on it. You can see it at the link below.

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    cool tutorial… easy to follow and awesome results.. Although I don’t often use photoshop doing this kind of graphic creation. I am still amazed by the wonders and imagination we can create.. You definitely got talent and I’ll tweet all I can..! thanks for sharing.