Lonely Night – Manipulation Tutorial

Lonely Night – Manipulation Tutorial

In this manipulation tutorial you learn how to create a simple night scene in Photoshop. You will learn how to deal with hair, how to create light effects and shadows.

Resources used

Step 1

First open the girl stock , Remove the extras you don’t  want with the Magnetic Lasso Tool (L) Or any other  Lasso / Pen Tool  you are comfortable working with.


Step 2

Open The Background Image  and press V to activate the Move Tool. Left-click the Girl’s image and drag the image over the Background stock.
Remember you can also Create a New Document with a width of 3500 px and a height of 3500 px at 300 dpi .Background Contents should be White, and place both Background and Girl stock over it. (Adjust the girl stock to fit the background )

The result should be similar to this:


Step 3


Now let’s paint the hair. Create a New Layer and pick the color you want to be the darkest and paint the shape of the hair. Next, create a New Layer and with a lighter color paint some hair. Do this a few times on different layers and with lighter and lighter colors until you have the right result.

With the Smudge Tool we start smudging the end of theHair with different Brush Sizes, Starting From the darker end to the lighter part. Use different  Strength/Hardness while smudging.

Don’t do them on the same layer because if you don’t like the result you can  erase all the hair. Once you have the right result, Merge all the hair layers. Next select the Burn Tool and put some shadows on the hair and select the Dodge Tool  for the  Highlights. Follow the images below for guidance.


Step 4


With the Help of the Burn Tool, we start  giving the Girl’s back a little shadow/dark effect. With the Burn Tool selected to Midtone, we take a soft brush set to 120px (you can set the px to any size you want ) with an Exposure set to 27%, or more depending how dark you prefer . We then start painting over the girl’s back.

Use the Sponge Tool to fade the color on her back if needed. We then start painting over the girl’s back. Dont Forget to paint over the Rock with the Burn Tool to give it a darker effect.


Step 5


Lets  Highlight  the girl’s shoulders, to give it a glow from the moonlight. Duplicate  the girl stock again and Select the Dodge Tool  set to Highlight  with Brush size set to 73px, or any size you prefer.
Set the Exposure  to 54% , and paint along the corners of the girl’s shoulders and other parts you want to Highlight. Highlight over the Rocks to give it a glow from the Moon.


Step 6


Now for some Smoke.

  • Download the Smoke Brush,  Create a New Layer over the Background Layer, and name it SMOKE then add the smokes  a little above the rocks, so that we would get the effect of the smoke rising from below.
  • Create another Layer over the Background Layer and name it  Background Light, and change it’s blend mode to Overlay. With the help of Brush Tool, select a soft brush of 960px ,mode to Softlight reduce the Opacity  to 95% and paint under the girl with  color #fcfbfb to give a little glow.

(You can adjust the Opacity of the paint brush, depending how bright you want the glow to be.)


Step 7

Adding the Candle

Download the Candle png and press V to activate the Move Tool. Left-click the Candle png and drag the image over the rock. Create a New Layer Over the Candle stock and name it Candlelight and change it’s blend mode to Overlay.

With the help of Brush Tool, select a soft brush of 85px ,mode to Softlight reduce the Opacity to 95% and paint over the candle wick with color # fde783  to give a little glow.


Step 8

Candlelight glow

Create a New Layer Over the Girl’s stock, and name it Candlelight2 and change it’s blend mode to Overlay. With the help of Brush Tool, select a soft brush of 152px ,mode to Softlight reduce the Opacity  to 49% and paint over the rock with color # fdbe4f  to give a candle light effect. (Remember to paint only in places where the candlelight should be visible).

  • Create another New Layer over the Girl’s stock and name it Light on Girl, and change it’s blend mode to Overlay. With the same  effect as mentioned above, Paint over the girl’s waist hair and back for some candle light effect.
  • Create another Layer over the Girl stock  and Add some more smoke at the edge of the rocks for a natural effect.

See image below for sample


Fantastic  nearly done..  Now comes the Fun Part.. Giving color to the Image.

Before Merging the Image, It will be good if you saved the File as PSD layered File on your Computer for future changes.

Step 9

Merge all the layers in  the image. You can keep all layers if you create a stamp of all the visible layers with Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E

  •  Add in some colors. Go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance, and apply the following settings to the Highlights.


  • Now we add some more Blue. For that we will use Photo Filter .

Go to Image > Adjustments > Photo Filter. Select  Filter > Cooling Filter (80) and set the Density  to 21%.


Step 10

Sharpening the image

Lets Give the Image a sharper Look, For this we go to Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen and apply the following settings:


You can increase or decrease the Amount/Radius as much as you want.

  • Use  the Blur Tool  to blur the edges of the rocks in the Image (Optional)

Step 11

Final step

Here’s a little trick for people who do not know how to give the Hair a painted effect, or for people who do not have those kind of softwares to get the painted look they always wanted.

Duplicate  the Image , Go to Filter > Artistic > Paint Daubs , set the Brush size to 1%Sharpness to 1%  and Brush Type  to  SimpleYou should get the following effect. Now with the Eraser Tool Erase out the extra PAINT from the rock, body, sky, trees etc leaving the painted effect on just the hair.


And we’re done!

You can view the final outcome below. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.



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