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Quick Tip 5 – Faster selections with the Magnetic Lasso Tool

Quick Tip 5 – Faster selections with the Magnetic Lasso Tool

I repeated over and over again that I always use the Pen Tool when extracting objects from the background.

After trying the Magnetic Lasso tool, I pretty much forgot about my Pen Tool “obsession”. That’s because with the Magnetic Lasso tool you can draw a path around an object a lot quicker since this tool detects contrast changes. The best thing about this tool is that the edges are as sharp as with the Pen Tool.

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  1. Great, works like a charm!
    Ok, maybe in some situations the pen tool is the way to go but for most compositing work the edges need to be blurred anyway to fit the scene.So this tut was very helpful for me! Much better than the quick selection tool and much faster than the pen tool! You’re great!

    • Yeap youd said it. Having sharp edges is not always the best thing sometimes, in order to make an object look more realistic you need the edges slightly softer

      • Agreed, but not in this case. It takes you 3 and a half minutes to extract the car from the background with this tool and refine the edges. I think you can easily beat this with the Pen tool. I don’t deny the usefulness of this tool, but I think this is not the best example. If you need a really rough selection with blured edges, the best option is the Lasso tool. Very unprecise, but very quick. The Magnetic Lasso is a good tool for shapes with very dense edges (ex: flowers, hair), but for extracting a car shape it doesn’t beat the Pen tool.

  2. Maybe you save some time on selection, but you lose much more with refining the incorrect selection points. This is a quick but very imprecise tool. I don’t think it works better than Pen tool in this kind of pictures. There are some cases when it’s a good choice, but not in this one.

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