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★ Digital Painting Effect in CS6 – Premium Tutorial
Painting effect retouch

★ Digital Painting Effect in CS6 – Premium Tutorial

In this premium tutorial you’ll learn how to create a cool digital painting effect on your photos using Photoshop CS6. I’ll also show you how to change the reflection on sun glasses and retouch skin.

Digital Painting Effect Photoshop Tutorial

About this tutorial

  • Tutorial format: Video (1 hour long, mp4 format, full HD 1920x1080px)
  • Text format available: No
  • PSD file available: Yes
  • Stock images provided: Yes
  • Total download size: 848MB zip format

Download full tutorial and source files

About Andrei Oprinca

  • JMJL28

    Hi, hmmm is this the same effect that “beyondthebuzzer” and
    “thorolgraffix” use? If so im buying! Looks just like there effects

  • jon

    hey andrei , i already paid 10 euros just now aug 25,2013 for 3 months . very interested in digital painting effect complete process work flow but i dont know where to download it?

    • Andrei Oprinca

      Just login and you will see the download link under “About this tutorial”

  • Mr J

    hey just signed up. video is only 6 mins long. how do I get to download the full?

    • Andrei Oprinca

      there is a download link under the video. You will download a zip file with the video, stock image and PSD file.

  • Mr.Jaspe

    Hey! Bro I wanna get a premium account but I don’t have a credit card

    what should Ido ?

    • Andrei Oprinca

      If you have money on your bank, you can use the PayPal method.

      • Mr.Jaspe

        Oh Okii :D I need your tutorials You’re awsome