★ Create Cool Colorful Portrait Effects – Premium Tutorial

★ Create Cool Colorful Portrait Effects – Premium Tutorial

There are so many ways of creating color effects in Photoshop, and in this video I will show you one way I use to make this effects. I will show you how to make color changes using curves and other adjustment layers to get beautifully colored portraits.



Tutorial preview

Tutorial details

  • Tutorial format: Video (1920×1080)
  • Video length: 24 minutes
  • Has text version: No
  • Stock images available: Yes


  1. oloch3 says:

    thanks plenty andrei,i liked the tutorial,though its not complete.
    how do i get to watch or download the full video pls?

    • Andrei Oprinca says:

      you have to login first (click the login/register button under the article or from the sidebar) and after you login you will find a download button to download the video

  2. raewoo says:

    thanks again for an awesome tutorial. just a request tho i love ur old tutorials but there is no video avaible only text and its sometime not that easy to follow would be lovely if u can record them too but just incase if u have time ^^ thanks for sharing ur awesome work!

  3. Nic Mayer says:

    Good afternoon, summer is a busy time and we all have our own things to
    do, but again you arranged a time to make this new tutorial for all of
    us. I know myself, at least I do not say often enough, thank you, and
    let people to know, that I am grateful for the time they give.. so let
    this note to send my thanks to you… So thank you very much, again a
    fabulous tutorial from you, I love it.. the colors and all :)
    Wishing you all a lovely upcoming weekend :)

    – Nicolette –

    • Andrei Oprinca says:

      Hi Nicolette, thank you so much for your honest words. I’m already working on another tutorial :)
      Thanks for your reply

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