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★ Create Cool Colorful Portrait Effects – Premium Tutorial

There are so many ways of creating color effects in Photoshop, and in this video I wil show you one way I use to make this effects. I will show you how to make color changes using curves and other adjustment layers to get beautifully colored portraits.



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Tutorial details

  • Tutorial format: Video (1920×1080)
  • Video length: 24 minutes
  • Has text version: No
  • Stock images available: Yes
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About Andrei Oprinca

Yep that's me :) I like Photoshop and Spotify 2 years ago I said to myself I will fill this with some useful info about me but I never had the chance to do it XDDD


  1. In this Photoshop tutorial, I show you how you can create best photos
    right in Photoshop without the need of expensive software or plugins and
    get pretty similar results!


  2. thanks plenty andrei,i liked the tutorial,though its not complete.
    how do i get to watch or download the full video pls?

  3. I’m alredy logged in but still can’t download any tutorial keeps telling me access denied etc. Please help

  4. I signed up two days ago to be a premium member, how do I watch this premium tutorial? thanks! Sarah

    • you have to login first (click the login/register button under the article or from the sidebar) and after you login you will find a download button to download the video

  5. thanks again for an awesome tutorial. just a request tho i love ur old tutorials but there is no video avaible only text and its sometime not that easy to follow would be lovely if u can record them too but just incase if u have time ^^ thanks for sharing ur awesome work!

  6. Thank you Andrei :) :):):):)

  7. Good afternoon, summer is a busy time and we all have our own things to
    do, but again you arranged a time to make this new tutorial for all of
    us. I know myself, at least I do not say often enough, thank you, and
    let people to know, that I am grateful for the time they give.. so let
    this note to send my thanks to you… So thank you very much, again a
    fabulous tutorial from you, I love it.. the colors and all :)
    Wishing you all a lovely upcoming weekend :)

    - Nicolette -

    • Andrei Oprinca

      Hi Nicolette, thank you so much for your honest words. I’m already working on another tutorial :)
      Thanks for your reply

  8. thank you Andrei for this useful turtorial…i have wanted learn this long time

  9. please put some tuts free :/

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