Create a Beautiful Glossy Ice Social Icon in Photoshop

Create a Beautiful Glossy Ice Social Icon in Photoshop

This tutorial is actually the making of my newest icon pack that I have created, Free Glossy Ice Social Media Icons for the Winter Season which is free to download here.

The final result should look something like this

Step 1 Draw a Simple Ice Textured Circle

So in this tutorial I will show you a simple and effective way to create a spherical icy icon perfect for your website. There are standard sizes for creating icons, for example 128×128 px , 64x64px, 32x32px, 16x16px. I choose to make my icon in size 128x128px, so let’s open a new file with this size.

Draw a simple round shape with the Elliptical Marquee Tool. Press SHIFT to draw a perfect circle.

Copy this ice texture into your file. With the Elliptical Marquee Tool selected, right click, Select Inverse and press delete. Call this layer Ice Circle.

Delete the Background layer so that you have a transparent background.

Step 2 Draw A Vector Shape and Add Effects

Draw a simple shape with the Pen Tool or add a predefined vector shape, color white. I choose a simple heart shape.

Now go to the Blending mode of Heart Layer and make the following settings.

Settings for Drop Shadow:

Settings for Inner Glow:

Settings for Bevel and Emboss:

Settings for Gradient Overlay:

Settings for Stroke:

If you follow all the steps well you should obtain something like that:

Step 3 Add Sparkle Brushes

I have found a lot of beautiful sparkle brushes and I choose to use this one Pixie Dust Trails brushes by rL-Brushes . So download the archive, unzip, and then upload it into your psd file. Create another layer and call it Sparkle. Set the foreground color to white, opacity 100%.

Remove the sparkles that exceed the round shape by selecting the Ice Circle Layer, choose select inverse and press delete.

Step 4 Merge all the Layers

In order to apply more effects I have decided to merge all the layers. So create a new layer , go to the menu Image – Apply Image. Call this layer Ice Heart Layer. The new layer looks like this:

Step 5 Add Extra Effects

Now go to the Blending mode of the new created layer and do the following settings:

Step 6 Add Shadow Reflexion

Create a new layer. Press CTRL and Click the Ice Heart Layer thumbnail. Fill the selection with color #01ccc7. Move the selection up and press delete.

Lower the opacity of this layer to 50% and add Gaussian Blur , radius 2 px. You can add more than one shadow layers with different sizes and opacities to obtain a better result. You can see step 6 in the psd file.

Step 7 Add Light Reflexion

Create a new layer. Press CTRL and Click the Ice Heart Layer thumbnail. Fill the selection with color white. Move the selection up and left, select inverse and press delete. Add Gaussian Blur, radius 1px and lower the opacity of this layer to 40% . I have also added a sparkle accent.

Step 8 Drop Shadow

Draw a circle under the Ice Heart Layer. Add Gradient Overlay to this layer.

Duplicate the layer and merge the two layers. Press Ctrl+T or Free Transform and resize the shadow like in the image.

Now add Gaussian Blur, from Filter – Blur menu. Set radius to 2.5 px.

You can of course play with the settings add more highlights or shadows, sparkle effects, it is up to you! Make sure that you erase the background until you save the icon. Go to File menu, Save and save the image with the PNG extension, that way the image will keep the transparency and it will be easy to integrate in almost any website design. I say almost because of the shadow that does not look good on a dark background. For a darken background you must also adjust the colors of the shadow layer.

This is how my final result looks like. You can download these icons from my Free Christmas Icy Social Icon Pack.

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