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Contrast Masking. Keep the Original Shadows

Contrast Masking. Keep the Original Shadows

In this video I will show you how to incorporate the original shadows of an image on a new composition using blend modes, levels and some masking. Really easy and awesomely useful especially for photographers that need to replace backgrounds and keep the original shadows.

Original article about contrast masking: http://www.earthboundlight.com/phototips/contrast-masking-photoshop.html

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Yep that's me :) I like Photoshop and Spotify 2 years ago I said to myself I will fill this with some useful info about me but I never had the chance to do it XDDD
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    I am fascinated along with considering what you are writing about below.

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    Hello and thank you for the tip! It works great!

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    I have showcased your amazing Photoshop tutorial in our collection and hope you will like it.

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  • http://www.mindstormphoto.com/ Burt

    Excellent technique and tutorial – thx! Shadows have always given me fits, and I have often abandoned otherwise good composites for lack of skills to get the shadows right. This looks like a really nice, easy solution.

  • Jonatan

    I am the first viewer niceeeee