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Coming Home – Photoshop Manipulation

Coming Home – Photoshop Manipulation

Today we are going to create a fantasy in space atmosphere in our manipulation.So get ready for a colorful scene using tone correction,color balance,layers adjustments,lighting effects in Photoshop.

Final Result



Stock images needed

Step 1

First we open the cloudy sky stock,then we drag our floating island.The island stock is not such a perfect size for stock but maybe you can find a better one.I tried to resize it a little bit.



Step 2

For this step we cut out the house stock and we put it on the island.This is a high quality stock so we can resize it easier.Don’t forget to cut it with some grass so it fits better with the landscape of the island.



Step 3

Now we bring our air baloon.We cut it and we drag the layer above the background (cloudy sky) so the baloon would look like it’s getting out from the chimney.3

Step 4

We do the same with the propeller so it would look like it’s behind the island.I didn’t find the right stock of a propeller with four blades so i duplicated the layer and i got the right one.


Step 5

Now let’s bring our space scenery in our manipulation.This will give it a little bit more fantasy so the floating island will float in space.Drag it over the sky background so it will blend well with the clouds.



Step 6

Now that we got our space scenery over the backgound we need to change it’s blending.We also crop our background so it will be portrait mode.With the space scenery selected change the blending to Screen and Opacity 100%.



Step 7

Here comes the parachute guy in this step.We cut it out and we place him in the left.I rotate the image of the parachute guy so it looks better like that.To do that go to Image>Image Rotation>Flip Canvas Horizontal.


Step 8

Now it’s time for some lighting effects.First we add some  lighting effect on our parachute guy.With the layer selected go to Filter>Render>Lighting Effects.Use the values I used in the image.Also you can change the Color and the Colorize.I used the right one that fits with the light from the left.


Step 9

We do the same with the layer of the air baloon.You can set the intesity of the light so you can chose your own settings if you think mine don’t fit.


Step 10

After we flatten image we can change some tones and add some color to  our manipulation.Here are mines.


Step 11

In this final step we’ll add more contrast with our well known technique,the dodge and burn process.So have fun painting with the Dodge and Burn tools.



Final Result




  1. Thank you! This was really helpful, and even though mine got a little different, this was super awesome!

  2. so i have this issue. Whenever i create a great piece, and even when i duplicate some of your pieces, i notice a slight issue thats driving me mad. upon finishing a photo, i save it as a Jpeg. The result looks great! full of saturation(when applicable)on my Mac screen. However, when i email the pics, i notice that they lose noticable saturation. I came across this issue not too long ago when i did a Make up manipulation for a show. the result was a very colorful mix of eye shadow, etc. after emailing the picture to myself so that i may have it on my iphone/ipad, i looked at the pic and noticed the picture didnt look at all like what i created in photoshop!(CS6) I thought it was just thatpic, but i notice it now with other pics as well. Not all the time, but it it does happen. It sux b/c the audience is not seeing what im seeing! is there possibly an issue with the way im saving? anyone have a clue? ANDREI please any suggestions?

  3. OnOne Perfect Resize is a good tool for this sort of thing.

  4. good super genial

  5. Very easy to follow, works well.

    Very well done, and thank you

  6. Hmmmm, it is very mishto :)

  7. thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Nice Tut ;) To resize the floating Island without losing to much quality, i used a Photoshop Filter/plugin onOne Perfect Resize 7, works fine for me. I use it a lot to resize some stocks a liittle.

    Keep up the good work ;)

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